About Us

About NCS

New Century Solutions offers the expertise, with unparalleled flexibility, agility and financial advantages. A key element here at NCS is to effectively and efficiently manage day-to-day operations and advance long-term goals for each of our clients. We deliver high levels of expertise and accountability so that associations can continue to increase their value and relevance to members.


Our Services

A leader in the communications industry, here at NCS, we pride ourselves on knowing the audience and helping deliver the right content for the right message.

We also have worked in many communication ventures such as:

Association Management:
  • Executive Management
  • Financial Services
  • Membership Services
  • Meeting Management
  • Publications
  • Database & Technology
  • Certification
  • Strategic Planning
  • Website Design
  • Publications Management
  • Certification Programs
  • Meeting & Exhibit Management
  • Management Consultation
Lobbying & Advocacy:
  • Monitoring legislative and administrative activities;
  • Providing client-legislator liaison;
  • Developing a client’s legislative program, including collaborative writing of proposed legislation or regulations;
  • Organizing and managing grass-roots lobbying efforts;
  • Planning strategies and consulting;
  • Coordinating clients’ appearances before legislative and administrative bodies;
  • Initiating, supporting, opposing or modifying pending legislation and administrative regulations;
  • Authoring legislative reports for the client’s internal or external use.
Marketing & Branding:
  • Developing marketing and public relations strategy
  • Creating visual branding, including logo design
  • Managing ongoing media, blogger and industry analyst relations
  • Developing and distributing press releases throughout the year
  • Creating and executing email marketing programs
  • Managing all aspects of event marketing, including promotion, on-site collateral and signage
  • Providing in-house editorial and design capabilities
  • Driving social media outreach through key social media vehicles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Coordinating development of white papers and webinars
  • Arranging relevant speaking opportunities and conference panel participation
  • Providing Search Engine Optimization to increase exposure
Internet & E-Communications:
  • Preparing and providing written monthly reports of inquiries, requests and other management activities performed in the previous month and scheduled for the following month to the Board and/or Committees.
  • Preparing and submitting association filings required by Federal or state law.
  • Maintaining records in accordance with the Association’s policies.
  • Answering all calls and e-mail inquiries, and then directing them to the correct party if applicable.
  • Scheduling meetings and providing administrative support to the organzation’s Board and Committees.
  • Maintaining the membership database, updating as needed.
  • Under the Board’s direction, providing templates and consistent branding accross marketing collateral, newsletters, e-mail blasts, etc.
  • Posting announcements, articles, minutes, publications, and other materials to website.
  • Coordinating additional Board relations and communications as needed.
Motivational Speaking:
  • Inspire Employees to be More Productive
  • Influence Positive Thinking
  • Develop the Leader Within
  • Supercharge Your Employees Performance
  • Maintain and Build Your Customer Base
  • Inspire Self Confidence
  • Increase Sales


Performance Excellence System

Productivity, growth, cost control and performance improvements can result through an effective Enterprise Planning System. Your challenges will be addressed by focusing on the future and incorporating some of the following systems:

  • Short-and/or long term plans;
  • Quantitative goals and actions plans;
  • Align efficient processes to plan actions;
  • Identify and align performance measures;
  • Facilitating strategic planning retreats.